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Outdoor pollen-related changes in lung function and markers of airway inflammation: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Nur Sabrina Idrose, E Haydn Walters, Jingwen Zhang, Don Vicendese, Ed J Newbigin, Jo A Douglass, Bircan Erbas, Adrian J Lowe, Jennifer L Perret, Caroline J Lodge, Shyamali C Dharmage



BACKGROUND: Experimental challenge studies have shown that pollen can have early and delayed effects on the lungs and airways. Here, we qualitatively and quantitatively synthesize the evidence of outdoor pollen exposure on various lung function and airway inflammation markers in community-based studies. METHODS: Four online databases were searched: Medline, Web of Science, CINAHL and Google Scholar. The search strategy included terms relating to both exposure and outcomes. Inclusion criteria were human-based studies published in English that were representative of the community. Additionally, we only considered cross-sectional or short-term longitudinal studies which investigated pollen expo..

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Awarded by Royal Children's Hospital Foundation

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China Scholarship Council, Grant/Award Number: N/A; Royal Children's Hospital Foundation, Grant/Award Number: #2018-984; Centre for Food and Allergy Research, Grant/Award Number: N/A; National Health and Medical Research Council, Grant/Award Number: N/A