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Grain refinement in low SFE and particle-containing nickel aluminium bronze during severe plastic deformation at elevated temperatures

CJ Barr, K Xia

Journal of Materials Science and Technology | Published : 2021


The influence of particle size and morphology on grain refinement in low stacking fault energy (SFE) alloys was studied by comparing the grain structures in single- and multi-phase Al-bronze (AB) alloys following equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) between 350 and 500 °C. In particular, nickel aluminium bronze (NAB) was chosen as it contained both coarse and fine rounded particles, as well as a lamellar phase which evolved during ECAP. Grain refinement in the single-phase alloy was achieved through dynamic recrystallisation initiated at deformed twin boundaries. By contrast, different mechanisms were observed in the particle-containing NAB. Recrystallisation around the coarse κII particles..

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