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Gender differences in the experience of psychotic-like experiences and their associated factors: A study of adolescents from the general population

Alexandra Stainton, Katharine Chisholm, Tamara Woodall, Danielle Hallett, Renate LEP Reniers, Ashleigh Lin, Stephen J Wood



"Psychotic-Like Experiences" (PLEs) are common in the general population. While they are usually transient and resolve spontaneously, they can be distressing and signify increased risk for later psychosis or other psychopathology. It is important to investigate factors associated with PLEs which could be targeted to reduce their prevalence and impact. Males and females are known to experience PLEs differently, but any gender differences in the relationships between PLEs and other, potentially targetable, factors are currently unknown. 302 adolescents (175 females, mean age = 16.03, SD = 0.75; 127 males, mean age = 16.09, SD = 0.74) from secondary schools in the West Midlands region of the UK..

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