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Vectorial Holograms with Spatially Continuous Polarization Distributions

Dandan Wen, Jasper J Cadusch, Jiajun Meng, Kenneth B Crozier

Nano Letters | AMER CHEMICAL SOC | Published : 2021


Metasurface-based holography presents opportunities for applications that include optical displays, data storage, and optical encryption. Holograms that control polarization are sometimes referred to as vectorial holograms. Most studies on this topic have concerned devices that display different images when illuminated with different polarization states. Fewer studies have demonstrated holographic images whose polarization varies spatially, i.e., as a function of the position within the image. Here, we experimentally demonstrate a vectorial hologram that produces an image with a spatially continuous distribution of polarization states, for the first time to our knowledge. An unlimited number..

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