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Elucidating the role of long intergenic non-coding RNA 339 in human endometrium and endometriosis

Sarah J Holdsworth-Carson, Molly Churchill, Jacqueline F Donoghue, Sally Mortlock, Jenny N Fung, Clare Sloggett, Jessica Chung, Leonie Cann, Wan Tinn Teh, Katie-Rose Campbell, Rodney Luwor, Martin Healey, Grant Montgomery, Jane E Girling, Peter AW Rogers



Endometriosis is a complex disease, influenced by genetic factors. Genetic markers associated with endometriosis exist at chromosome 1p36.12 and lead to altered expression of the long intergenic non-coding RNA 339 (LINC00339), however, the role of LINC00339 in endometriosis pathophysiology remains unknown. The aim of this work was to characterize the expression patterns of LINC00339 mRNA in endometrium and endometriotic lesions in situ and to determine the functional role of LINC00339 in human endometrium. We employed RNA-sequencing (RNA-seq), quantitative RT-PCR and in situ hybridization to investigate the abundance of LINC00339 transcripts in endometrium and endometrial cell lines and to d..

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Awarded by National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)

Awarded by NHMRC

Funding Acknowledgements

Research reported in this publication was supported in part by National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) project grants GNT1012245 and GNT1105321 (P.A.W. R., G.W.M., J.E.G. and S.J.H.C.). GWM is supported by the NHMRC (GNT1078399 and GNT1026033, GNT1049472 and GNT1050208). S. J.H.C. was supported in part by the JN Peters Bequest (University of Melbourne).