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Fluctuation of Clinical Signs With Near-Syncopal Episodes in a Dog With Gliomatosis Cerebri: A Diagnostic Challenge.

Anna Tauro, Francesco Di Dona, Niklaus Zoelch, Andrew Stent

Top Companion Anim Med | Published : 2021


A 2-year-old Bull Mastiff cross Boxer neutered male dog was evaluated because of 2-month history of non-progressive right head tilt and mild vestibular ataxia. MRI of the brain revealed a faint T2W, FLAIR, DWI and ADC heterogenous hyperintense and T1W isointense intra-axial lesion with indistinct margins at the level of the pons and medulla oblongata. The lesion did not show any susceptibility artefact on T2* GRE images or contrast enhancement and CSF analysis was normal. Analysis of the spectra from MRS of the thalamus not promptly available at the time of the MRI study revealed a decreased level of NAA, as seen in people with gliomatosis cerebri. The dog represented 3 weeks later and, on t..

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