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Measuring patient experience of diagnostic care and acceptability of testing

Alice S Forster, Greg Rubin, Jon D Emery, Matthew Thompson, Stephen Sutton, Niek de Wit, Fiona M Walter, Georgios Lyratzopoulos



A positive patient experience has been long recognised as a key feature of a high-quality health service, however, often assessment of patient experience excludes diagnostic care. Experience of diagnostic services and the acceptability of diagnostic tests are often conflated, with lack of clarity about when and how either should be measured. These problems contrast with the growth in the development and marketing of new tests and investigation strategies. Building on the appraisal of current practice, we propose that the experience of diagnostic services and the acceptability of tests should be assessed separately, and describe distinct components of each. Such evaluations will enhance the d..

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Awarded by Cancer Research UK

Funding Acknowledgements

This paper arises from the CanTest Collaborative, which is funded by Cancer Research UK [C8640/A23385]. AF and GL are also supported by Cancer Research UK grants [C49896/A17429 and C18081/A18180 respectively].