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Pomalidomide Alone or in Combination with Low Dose Dexamethasone As Maintenance Following Induction with Pomalidomide and Low Dose Dexamethasone in Relapsed and Refractory Myeloma (ALLG MM14)

Anna Kalff, Nola Kennedy, John Reynolds, Hang Quach, Phoebe Joy Ho, Noemi Horvath, Peter Mollee, James M D'Rozario, Kerry Taylor, Jane Estell, Andrew Spencer

Blood | American Society of Hematology | Published : 2018


Abstract Whilst the addition of dexamethasone to upfront therapy with immunomodulatory (IMiD®) agents in myeloma (MM) is important to mediate rapid reduction in disease burden, preliminary findings suggest that the NK stimulatory effects of IMiD® compounds are best harnessed without the co-administration of dexamethasone. This may be especially effective in the setting of minimal disease burden (i.e. maintenance) when some inherent immune recovery has occurred, however this has yet to be confirmed in a prospective clinical trial. Aims: To evaluate the effect of maintenance with pomalidomide (POM) alone versus POM-low dose dexamethasone (LoDEX) fol..

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