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scRNA-Seq Reveals New Enteric Nervous System Roles for GDNF, NRTN, and TBX3

Christina M Wright, Sabine Schneider, Kristen M Smith-Edwards, Fernanda Mafra, Anita JL Leembruggen, Michael Gonzalez, Deepika R Kothakapa, Jessica B Anderson, Beth A Maguire, Tao Gao, Tricia A Missall, Marthe J Howard, Joel C Bornstein, Brian M Davis, Robert O Heuckeroth



BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Bowel function requires coordinated activity of diverse enteric neuron subtypes. Our aim was to define gene expression in these neuron subtypes to facilitate development of novel therapeutic approaches to treat devastating enteric neuropathies, and to learn more about enteric nervous system function. METHODS: To identify subtype-specific genes, we performed single-nucleus RNA-seq on adult mouse and human colon myenteric plexus, and single-cell RNA-seq on E17.5 mouse ENS cells from whole bowel. We used immunohistochemistry, select mutant mice, and calcium imaging to validate and extend results. RESULTS: RNA-seq on 635 adult mouse colon myenteric neurons and 707 E17.5 neur..

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Awarded by National Institutes of Health

Awarded by National Institutes of Health SPARC (Stimulating Peripheral Activity to Relieve Conditions) program

Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by the Irma and Norman Braman Endowment; the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute; the Suzi and Scott Lustgarten Center Endowment; National Institutes of Health grants 5 F30 DK117546-02 (to Christina M. Wright), F32 DK120115 (to Kristen M. Smith-Edwards), and R01DK122798 (PI: Brian Davis; co-PIs: Robert Heuckeroth, Marthe Howard); and National Institutes of Health SPARC (Stimulating Peripheral Activity to Relieve Conditions) program OT2OD023859 (PI: Marthe Howard; co-PIs: Robert Heuckeroth, Brian Davis, Joel Bornstein).