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Enhancing Joint Replacement Outcomes Through Registry Linkage with National Health Administrative Data in Australia

Katherine Duszynski, Stephen E Graves, Nicole Pratt, Maria Inacio, Richard De Steiger, Ian Harris, Ilana Ackerman, Louisa Jorm, Michelle Lorimer, Aarti Gulyani

International Journal of Population Data Science | Swansea University


IntroductionMonitoring of joint replacement (JR) data from the Australian Orthopaedic Association National Joint Replacement Registry (AOANJRR) has reduced revision rates and improved surgical practice. Outcome assessment post-arthroplasty is limited however, to revision (reoperation) surgery and mortality outcomes. The AOANJRR National Data Linkage project seeks to broaden the scope of outcomes investigation in Australia by linking registry and health administrative datasets. Objectives and ApproachUsing linked registry and administrative data, the project seeks to describe and quantify national/regional trends and variation in major complications (infection, dislocation, arthrofibrosis, c..

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