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Framing 'The Bling Ring': (Im)material psychogeography and screen technology

Laura Henderson

Colloquy: text theory critique | Monash University | Published : 2014


Humans are spatial creatures. Everywhere we walk, we assess in a spatial tapestry; this place feels like this. The exploration and learning of a space turns it into a place, investing it with emotions and memories. This transfer was first outlined by French neo-Marxist Guy Debord, who dubbed this enriched landscape psychogeography. Walking in famous cities, it is an eerie yet common experience to look at a certain landmark, one you have never been to before, and have a moment of recognition. I discovered this on a trip to New York, a place which felt haunted by memories I had no right to possess. The city had taken on a cinematic familiarity. It was as though, long before I booked my flights..

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