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Do blue-blocking lenses reduce eye strain from extended screen time? A double-masked, randomized controlled trial.

Sumeer Singh, Laura E Downie, Andrew J Anderson

American Journal of Ophthalmology | Published : 2021


PURPOSE: To investigate if blue-blocking lenses are effective in reducing the ocular signs and symptoms of eye strain associated with computer use. DESIGN: Double-masked, randomized controlled trial. METHODS: 120 symptomatic computer users were randomly assigned (1:1) into a 'positive' or 'negative' advocacy arm (i.e., a clinician either advocating, or not advocating, for the intervention via a pre-recorded video). Participants were further sub-randomized (1:1) to receive either clear (placebo) or blue-blocking spectacles. All participants were led to believe they had received an active intervention. Participants performed a two-hour computer task whilst wearing their assigned spectacle inte..

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