Thesis / Dissertation

Dissecting the establishment of symbiotic partnership between algae and animals that powers coral reefs

Giada Tortorelli, Geoffrey McFadden (ed.)

Published : 2020


All organisms on Earth engage in microbial symbioses. These alliances between animals and microbes are situated along a continuum of benefits versus costs with mutualism at one end and parasitism at the other. Even within one group of microbes—sub-Kingdom Alveolata—we find classic mutualists such as the Symbiodiniaceae (Dinoflagellata) that are endosymbionts of reef-building corals, and the parasitic Apicomplexa such as the malaria-causing Plasmodium. Both Symbiodiniaceae and Plasmodium are intracellular symbionts. Contact, recognition and ingress of the symbionts into their host cells are pivotal for commencement of their symbioses. These mechanisms are mediated by the innate immune system,..

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