Thesis / Dissertation

The Influence of the Good Oil on the Contemporary Saudi House in Riyadh, From the Late 1930s to the Present

Waseem Qrayeiah, Derham Groves (ed.)

Published : 2020


The transition from traditional to modern housing has passed through multiple stages from the late 1930s to the present in Saudi Arabia. One of the most important is the discovery of oil, which has impacted the built environment and modernized Riyadh City in particular and the country in general. Furthermore, the subsequent socioeconomic changes have influenced some of the social aspects of residential housing and house forms themselves. Also, historical events like the transfer of the government headquarters from Makkah to Riyadh in 1953 and the master plan of Riyadh in 1972 by the Greek architect Doxiadis influenced the regional identity and cultural continuity of society in Saudi Arabia. ..

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