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Integrated Glycoproteomics Identifies a Role of N-Glycosylation and Galectin-1 on Myogenesis and Muscle Development.

Ronnie Blazev, Christopher Ashwood, Jodie L Abrahams, Long H Chung, Deanne Francis, Pengyi Yang, Kevin I Watt, Hongwei Qian, Gregory A Quaife-Ryan, James E Hudson, Paul Gregorevic, Morten Thaysen-Andersen, Benjamin L Parker

Mol Cell Proteomics | Published : 2020


Many cell surface and secreted proteins are modified by the covalent addition of glycans that play an important role in the development of multicellular organisms. These glycan modifications enable communication between cells and the extracellular matrix via interactions with specific glycan-binding lectins and the regulation of receptor-mediated signaling. Aberrant protein glycosylation has been associated with the development of several muscular diseases, suggesting essential glycan- and lectin-mediated functions in myogenesis and muscle development, but our molecular understanding of the precise glycans, catalytic enzymes, and lectins involved remains only partially understood. Here, we q..

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