Journal article

TAKING CITY RANKINGS SERIOUSLY: Engaging with Benchmarking Practices in Global Urbanism

Michele Acuto, Daniel Pejic, Jessie Briggs

International Journal of Urban and Regional Research | WILEY | Published : 2021


Who cares if our case study city has dropped a place in the so-and-so list of such-and-such cities? Whilst city rankings are soaring to popularity in media reports and everyday practitioner parlance in municipalities and the consulting world, benchmarking exercises raise more than a few eyebrows within the field of urban studies. As we argue here, whilst not condoning the superficiality of some of these indices, this is an important problem that needs rebalancing. The ‘comparative imagination’ is today not just a renewed locus of urban theory debate, but an economy in its own right at the heart of networked forms of global urbanism, both in the public and private sectors. Reviewing the globa..

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