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Economic analysis of ameliorating subsoil constraints using subsoil manure in a cropping system

Bill Malcolm, S Henty, A Sinnett

Annual Conference of the Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Paper, | Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society | Published : 2021


In the high-rainfall zone of south-eastern Australia, yields of broadacre crops are constrained by physial and chemical characteristics of the sub-soil. Scientific research is being conducted into ameliorating these physical and chemical sub-soil constraints by using organic amendments that have high levels of nitrogen. This paper is about the results of economic research into the net benefits and risk of ameliorating sub-soil constraints by applying sub-soil amendments such as chicken manure to cropland in the high rainfall zone. The key economic question for a grower is whether the extra benefits of ameliorating sub-soil constraints and increasing the yields of crops are greater than the e..

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