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Economic analysis of ameliorating subsoil constraints using subsoil manure in a cropping system

Bill Malcolm, S Henty, A Sinnett

Economic analysis of ameliorating sub-soil constraints using sub-soil manure in a cropping system | Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society | Published : 2021


In the high-rainfall zone of south-eastern Australia, physio-chemical characteristics of the sub-soil constrain yields of broadacre crops. Considerable scientific research is underway about ameliorating these constraints using various organic amendments high in nitrogen. Economic research into the net benefits and risk of ameliorating sub-soil constraints by adding amendments such as chicken manure to cropping in the high rainfall zone is relatively rare. The key economic question for a grower is whether the extra benefits of ameliorating sub-soil constraints to crop yield are greater than the extra costs, considering risk. This research investigated the risk and return of investing in ameli..

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