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The Lancet Global Health Commission on Global Eye Health: vision beyond 2020

Matthew J Burton, Jacqueline Ramke, Ana Patricia Marques, Rupert RA Bourne, Nathan Congdon, Iain Jones, Brandon AM Ah Tong, Simon Arunga, Damodar Bachani, Covadonga Bascaran, Andrew Bastawrous, Karl Blanchet, Tasanee Braithwaite, John C Buchan, John Cairns, Anasaini Cama, Margarida Chagunda, Chimgee Chuluunkhuu, Andrew Cooper, Jessica Crofts-Lawrence Show all



Awarded by Moorfields Eye Charity

Awarded by Wellcome Trust

Funding Acknowledgements

This Commission was supported by grants from The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust, Moorfields Eye Charity (GR001061), NIHR Moorfields Biomedical Research Centre, The Wellcome Trust (20190426_PH2), Sightsavers, The Fred Hollows Foundation, SEVA Foundation, British Council for the Prevention of Blindness, and the Christian Blind Mission. All Commissioners were supported by their employing organisations to undertake this work. We acknowledge Justine H Zhang, Helen Burn, Miho Yoshizaki, and Chan Ning Lee who coordinated and delivered a subsidiary research project informing this Commission and provided extensive support to other projects. We acknowledge Lama Assi, Tess Bright, Lisa M Hamm, Helen Nguyen, and Aryati Yashadhana who coordinated and delivered a subsidiary research project informing this Commission. We acknowledge Ada E Aghaji, Anthea Burnett, Gatera Fiston Kitema, Shaffi Yusuf Mdala, and Sare Safi who contributed to several of the Commission. We acknowledge Iris Gordon who constructed the literature searches, David Macleod who provided statistical support, Thomas Butt who contributed to the economic analyses, Saad Chughtai and Justas Bezaras who supported the bibliometric analysis, and Jude Stern who was a Steering Group member for the indicator prioritisation exercise. We acknowledge the role of research team members who contributed to the literature searches, data extraction, and synthesis of projects informing the Commission, namely Jawad Ahmad, Kwesi Amissah-Arthur, Julie Brown, Joanna Black, Chris Brennan-Jones, Laura S Burton, Robert Butcher, Fatimah Chamseddine, Ashleigh J Chandra, Neriah A Clarke, Charles Cleland, Elizabeth Couser, Kristy Coxon, Katie Curran, Lisa Dillon, Nicole Ee, Corina Grey, Robert Geneau, Rajendra Gyawali, Maree Hackett, Matire Harwood, Jeremy Hoffman, Jessie Huang-Lung, Perla Ibrahim, Isabelle Jalbert, Catherine Jan, Monica Jong, Anagha Joshi, Lily Kimetto, Elizabeth Kishiki, Hans Limburg, Gian Luca Di Tanna, Abdull Mohammed Mahdi, Aeesha N J Malik, Faith Masila, Mina Motaghi, Niranjani Nagarajan, Michael K Odutola, Rebecca Oenga, Cynthia L A Ogundo, Onyinye Onyia E, Roshini Peiris-John, Ruth Peters, Heiko Philippin, Mapa M P N Piyasena, Kerrie Ren, Hilary Rono, Lori Rosman, Hadi Sabbagh, Neil Sebire, John Somner, Annalien Steyn, Yi Sun, Cassandra L Thiel, Melinda Toomey, Claire Vajdic, Varshini Varadaraj, R Venkatesh, William J Waldock, Heather E Whitson. We acknowledge Sarah O'Regan who helped with proofreading, and Chris Jenkins who coordinated one of the case studies.