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Expression of mitochondrial protein genes encoded by nuclear and mitochondrial genomes correlate with energy metabolism in dairy cattle

Jigme Dorji, Christy Vander Jagt, Josie Garner, Leah Marett, Brett Mason, Coralie Reich, Ruidong Xiang, Emily Clark, Benjamin Cocks, Amanda Chamberlain, Iona MacLeod, Hans Daetwyler

Research Square | Published : 2020


Background: Mutations in the mitochondrial genome have been implicated in mitochondrial disease, often characterized by impaired cellular energy metabolism. Cellular energy metabolism in mitochondria involves mitochondrial proteins (MP) from both the nuclear (NuMP) and mitochondrial (MtMP) genomes. The expression of MP genes in tissues may be tissue specific to meet varying specific energy demands across the tissues. Currently, the characteristics of MP gene expression in tissues of dairy cattle are not well understood. In this study, we profile the expression of MP genes in 29 adult and six foetal tissues in dairy cattle using RNA sequencing and gene expression analyses: particularly diffe..

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