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Response of primary auditory neurons to stimulation with infrared lightin vitro.

William G Brown, Karina Needham, James Michael Begeng, Alex Thompson, Bryony Ariya Nayagam, Tatiana Kameneva, Paul R Stoddart

Journal of Neural Engineering | Published : 2021


Objective.Infrared light can be used to modulate the activity of neuronal cells through thermally-evoked capacitive currents and thermosensitive ion channel modulation. The infrared power threshold for action potentials has previously been found to be far lower in thein vivocochlea when compared with other neuronal targets, implicating spiral ganglion neurons (SGNs) as a potential target for infrared auditory prostheses. However, conflicting experimental evidence suggests that this low threshold may arise from an intermediary mechanism other than direct SGN stimulation, potentially involving residual hair cell activity.Approach.Patch-clamp recordings from cultured SGNs were used to explicitl..

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