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Scoping Review of Existing Stroke Guidelines; Argument for a Value-Added Change

Tissa Wijeratne, Carmela Sales, Leila Karimi, Mihajlo Jakovljevicd

MDPI AG | Published : 2021


Stroke represents one of the most important causes of morbidity ( eighty million patients with disabling of ongoing effects of stroke at a given time, globally) and mortality (the second leading cause of death) worldwide. Innovative systems biology-based approach is likely to increase the understanding of the underpinning of acute stroke promise to enhance stroke prevention, acute treatment, and neurorehabilitation. Recent growing body of evidence with shared pathobiology with COVID-19 and the critically important role of inflammation in the context of stroke points to far-reaching consequences of acute stroke, just as in the case of COVID-19 ( post-acute event issues as well as long term is..

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