Thesis / Dissertation

Russian word order: the pragmatics of unconventional verb-initial types

Natalia Anatolievna Batova, Robert Lagerberg (ed.), Jean Mulder (ed.)

Published : 2020


In Russian, the statistically dominant order of the subject and the verb in the clause is SVO. However, in a number of linguistic environments, the verb precedes the subject, either following a language convention or establishing an unconventional pattern. This research project provides an account of unconventional verb-initial patterns (VIPs) – namely, VSO, VOS and VS – considering both the syntactic and the pragmatic factors that influence their occurrence in written discourse. Building on previous research of early Russian texts, this study extends the scope of investigation and analyses texts from six different genres and/or time periods: 15th-century travel diary, 18th-19th-century trav..

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