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"Phantom Kicks": Women's Subjective Experience of Fetal Kicks After the Postpartum Period.

Disha Sasan, Phillip GD Ward, Meredith Nash, Edwina R Orchard, Michael J Farrell, Jakob Hohwy, Sharna D Jamadar

J Womens Health (Larchmt) | Published : 2021


Background: During pregnancy, a woman will attribute increased abdominal sensations to fetal movement. Surprisingly, many women report that they feel kick sensations long after the pregnancy; however, this experience has never been reported in the scientific literature. Materials and Methods: We used a qualitative approach to survey n = 197 women who had previously been pregnant. We calculated the number of women who had experienced phantom kicks after their first pregnancy, and explored subjective experiences of kick-like sensations in the post-partum period. Results: In this study, we show that almost 40% of women in our sample experienced phantom fetal kicks after their first pregnancy, u..

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