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Speech Perception and Language Outcomes for Infants Receiving Cochlear Implants Before or After 9 Months of Age: Use of Category-Based Aggregation of Data in an Unselected Pediatric Cohort.

Shani Dettman, Dawn Choo, Agnes Au, Amy Luu, Richard Dowell

J Speech Lang Hear Res | American Speech Language Hearing Association | Published : 2021


Purpose This retrospective study aimed to amass large data sets to enable statistical comparisons of communication outcomes for infants receiving cochlear implants (CIs) before 9 months of age compared to groups who received their first CI between 9 months and 3.5 years of age. Method Speech perception scores and experienced clinicians' observations were used to refine the Categories of Auditory Performance Index (CAPI), thus creating its revised version, namely, the CAPI-Revised (CAPI-R). Standardized and criterion-referenced language data were used to create the novel Categories of Linguistic Performance (CLIP). The association between CAPI-R and CLIP data at two time points post implant (..

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