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Application of Genomics to Understand Salt Tolerance in Lentil

Ruwani Dissanayake, Noel OI Cogan, Kevin F Smith, Sukhjiwan Kaur

GENES | MDPI | Published : 2021


Soil salinity is a major abiotic stress, limiting lentil productivity worldwide. Understanding the genetic basis of salt tolerance is vital to develop tolerant varieties. A diversity panel consisting of 276 lentil accessions was screened in a previous study through traditional and image-based approaches to quantify growth under salt stress. Genotyping was performed using two contrasting methods, targeted (tGBS) and transcriptome (GBS-t) genotyping-by-sequencing, to evaluate the most appropriate methodology. tGBS revealed the highest number of single-base variants (SNPs) (c. 56,349), and markers were more evenly distributed across the genome compared to GBS-t. A genome-wide association study ..

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