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Cortical Tension Initiates the Positive Feedback Loop Between E-cadherin and F-actin

Qilin Yu, William Holmes, Jean Thiery, Rodney Luwor, Vijay Rajagopal

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory | Published : 2021


Adherens junctions (AJs) physically link two cells at their contact interface via extracellular homophilic interactions between cadherin molecules and intracellular connections between cadherins and the actomyosin cortex. Both cadherin and actomyosin cytoskeletal dynamics are reciprocally regulated by mechanical and chemical signals, which subsequently determine the strength of cell-cell adhesions and the emergent organization and stiffness of the tissues they form. However, an understanding of the integrated system is lacking. We present a new mechanistic computational model of intercellular junction maturation in a cell doublet to investigate the mechano-chemical crosstalk that regulates A..

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