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Association between BRCA2 alterations and intraductal and cribriform histologies in prostate cancer

Rebeca Lozano, Daniela C Salles, Shahneen Sandhu, Isabel M Aragon, Heather Thorne, Fernando Lopez-Campos, Jose Rubio-Briones, Ana M Gutierrez-Pecharroman, Laneisha Maldonado, Tomas di Domenico, Alejandro Sanz, Juan D Prieto, Isabel Garcia, Maria Pacheco, Teresa Garces, Casilda Llacer, Nuria Romero-Laorden, Francisco Zambrana, Pedro P Lopez-Casas, David Lorente Show all



BACKGROUND: Intraductal (IDC) and cribriform (CRIB) histologies in prostate cancer have been associated with germline BRCA2 (gBRCA2) mutations in small retrospective series, leading to the recommendation of genetic testing for patients with IDC in the primary tumour. PATIENTS AND METHODS: To examine the association of gBRCA2 mutations and other tumour molecular features with IDC and/or cribriform (CRIB) histologies, we conducted a case-control study in which primary prostate tumours from 58 gBRCA2 carriers were matched (1:2) by Gleason Grade Group and specimen type to 116 non-carriers. Presence/absence of IDC and CRIB morphologies was established by two expert uropathologists blinded to gBRC..

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This study was supported by grants from `Instituto de Salud Carlos III' (PI19/01475 to EC; PI13/01287, PI16/01565 and PI19/01380 to DO), `Fundacion Cientifica de la AECC' research grant (PROYE19054OLMO to DO) and an unrestricted grant from `Fundacion CRIS contra el Cancer'. Data used in this studywere also generated as part of a Department of Defense awards W81XWH-18-1-0756 PC170510) and W81XWH-18-1-0356 (PC170503P2) to CCP, W81XWH-18-1-0758(PC170510P1) to JM, andW81XWH-18-1-0770 (PC170510P2) to DO.Instituto de Salud Carlos III' supported RL (CM17-00221), NRL (JR17/00007), CL (CM19/00234) and EC (JR18/00011) and `Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovacion' provided funding to IMA (FJCI-2016-28121), DO (RYC-2015-18625) and EC (JCI-2014-19129). The Prostate Cancer Foundation Young Investigator Award program has supported CC, JM, ESA, DO, TL and EC. CCP ESA is partially supported by NIH grant R01CA185297, DOD grant W81XWH-16-PCRP-CCRSA, the Prostate Cancer Foundation, and the Patrick C. Walsh research fund.