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Maternal reproductive output and F1 hybrid fitness may influence contact zone dynamics

Caroline M Dong, Katrina J Rankin, Claire A McLean, Devi Stuart-Fox

Journal of Evolutionary Biology | WILEY | Published : 2021


The outcome of secondary contact between divergent lineages or species may be influenced by both the reproductive traits of parental species and the fitness of offspring; however, their relative contributions have rarely been evaluated, particularly in longer-lived vertebrate species. We performed pure and reciprocal laboratory crosses between Ctenophorus decresii (tawny dragon) and C. modestus (swift dragon) to examine how parental reproductive traits and ecologically relevant offspring fitness traits may explain contact zone dynamics in the wild. The two species meet in a contact zone of post-F1 hybrids with asymmetric backcrossing and predominantly C. modestus mtDNA haplotypes. We found n..

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