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The FLUXNET2015 dataset and the ONEFlux processing pipeline for eddy covariance data (vol 7, 225, 2020)

Gilberto Pastorello, Carlo Trotta, Eleonora Canfora, Housen Chu, Danielle Christianson, You-Wei Cheah, Cristina Poindexter, Jiquan Chen, Abdelrahman Elbashandy, Marty Humphrey, Peter Isaac, Diego Polidori, Markus Reichstein, Alessio Ribeca, Catharine van Ingen, Nicolas Vuichard, Leiming Zhang, Brian Amiro, Christof Ammann, M Altaf Arain Show all



The following authors were omitted from the original version of this Data Descriptor: Markus Reichstein and Nicolas Vuichard. Both contributed to the code development and N. Vuichard contributed to the processing of the ERA-Interim data downscaling. Furthermore, the contribution of the co-author Frank Tiedemann was re-evaluated relative to the colleague Corinna Rebmann, both working at the same sites, and based on this re-evaluation a substitution in the co-author list is implemented (with Rebmann replacing Tiedemann). Finally, two affiliations were listed incorrectly and are corrected here (entries 190 and 193). The author list and affiliations have been amended to address these omissions i..

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Awarded by Natural Environment Research Council