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"Say Ahhh": Experience and Views on Halitosis Management in the General Public in Victoria, Australia

Phyllis Lau, Stephanie Ibrahim, Amreen Hussain, Sarah Hu, Sung Jin, Michael Huang, Michael Khng, Ivan Darby



INTRODUCTION: Halitosis is common and can have a significant impact on quality of life. It is attributed to both intraoral and extraoral causes. Although halitosis treatment depends on the aetiology, little is known about consumers' perception of halitosis causes and the types of assistance sought. The Say Ahhh Study aimed to explore the interprofessional care for halitosis and improve understanding by the general public. Phase 1 explored the perceptions of health care providers. This article reports the findings of Phase 2, which explored the general public's knowledge of halitosis, its management, and help-seeking behaviour. METHODS: Patients and clients at 2 medical clinics, 3 dental clin..

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