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Effect of slaughter age and post-mortem days on meat quality of longissimus and semimembranosus muscles of Boer goats

Archana Abhijith, Robyn D Warner, Minh Ha, Frank R Dunshea, Brian J Leury, Minghao Zhang, Aleena Joy, Richard Osei-Amponsah, Surinder S Chauhan



This study investigated the effects of age of animal and days post-mortem (PM) on meat quality of Boer goats. Twenty-four (24) wether Boer goats of two age groups (2YO group: 2 years old and 9MO: 6-9 months, with 12 animals/group) were slaughtered in a commercial processing plant. The pH@Temp18 was estimated to be above 6 in both age groups with higher (P < 0.01) values in 2YO goats. The PM storage for 14 days reduced the shear force in both age groups (P < 0.01). 2YO goat muscles (longissimus and semimembranosus) exhibited higher (P < 0.01) Thiobarbituric acid reactive substance values (TBARS), indicating increased lipid oxidation. Glycogen (P < 0.01) and lactate content (20 min post-slaugh..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors are most grateful to Cedar meats, Brooklyn, Victoria for allowing and helping us to conduct the study at their commercial abattoir. Authors also greatly acknowledge Myrrhee Premium Boer goat stud, Victoria for providing the goats for the study. We would also like to acknowledge Dr. David Hopkins (DPI, NSW, Australia) for providing his expert comments for data analysis. We wish to thank Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, The University of Melbourne for providing the Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarship to Archana Abhijith and startup fund to Dr. Surinder S. Chauhan to support this research.