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An optometrist's guide to the top candidate inherited retinal diseases for gene therapy

Fleur O'Hare, Thomas L Edwards, Monica L Hu, Doron G Hickey, Alexis C Zhang, Jiang-Hui Wang, Zhengyang Liu, Lauren N Ayton

Clinical and Experimental Optometry | TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD | Published : 2021


This review presents the phenotypic and genotypic profiles of a select group of inherited retinal diseases (IRDs) that are currently the focus of retinal gene therapy trials globally. Research progress in IRD treatment trials may soon lead to their availability in Australia and New Zealand, as either approved treatment or a clinical trial. The salient clinical characteristics of retinitis pigmentosa-the largest IRD category-are highlighted, with specific reference to RPE65-associated Leber congenital amaurosis, followed by other specific IRDs, namely choroideremia and ABCA4-associated Stargardt disease. These IRDs are selected based on their candidacy for gene therapy. Guidance on the clinic..

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