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The BH3 Mimetic, ABT-737, Is Effective Against Bcl-2 Overexpressing Lymphoid Tumors.

Kylie D Mason, Cassandra J Vandenberg, Mark F van Delft, Andrew H Wei, Suzanne Cory, Scott L Clare, Andrew W Roberts, David CS Huang

Blood | American Society of Hematology | Published : 2006


Abstract Lymphoid tumors often respond poorly to conventional cytotoxics, a common cause being their impaired sensitivity to apoptosis, such as that caused by Bcl-2 overexpression. A strategy to overcoming this is to use mimics of the natural antagonists of pro-survival Bcl-2, the BH3 only proteins. A promising BH3 mimetic is ABT-737, which targets Bcl-2 and closely related pro-survival proteins. We evaluated its potential utility by testing it on cell lines, clinical samples and on a relevant mouse lymphoma model. We assessed the sensitivity of B cell lymphoma cell lines and primary CLL samples to ABT-737, either alone or in combination. To ascertain its efficacy in vivo, we ..

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