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Klf1 Regulatory Networks in Primary Erythroid Cells.

Michael Tallack, Thomas Whitington, Brooke Gardiner, Eleanor Wainwright, Janelle Keys, Marion Monet, Ehsan Nourbakhsh, Nicole Cloonan, Sean Grimmond, Timothy Bailey, Andrew Charles Perkins

Blood | American Society of Hematology | Published : 2009


Abstract Abstract 1462 Poster Board I-485 Klf1/Eklf regulates a diverse suite of genes to direct erythroid cell differentiation from bi-potent progenitors. To determine the local cis-regulatory contexts and transcription factor networks in which Klf1 works, we performed Klf1 ChIP-seq using the SOLiD deep sequencing platform. We mapped more than 10 million unique 35mer tags and found ∼1500 sites in the genome of primary fetal liver erythroid cells are occupied by endogenous Klf1. Many reside within well characterised erythroid gene promoters (e.g. b-globin) or enhancers (e.g. E2f2 intron 1), but some are >100kb from any known gene. We tested a numb..

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