Conference Proceedings

Transforming the design studio through an engagement with Melbourne’s Hydropshere

Leire Asensio-Villoria, Syn Chee David Mah, Harriet Harriss (ed.), Ole Gustavsen (ed.), Jørgen Johan Tandberg (ed.), Johan De Walsche (ed.), Michael Monti (ed.)

2021 ACSA/EAAE Teachers Conference | ACSA/EAAE | Published : 2021


How does a deliberate engagement with a hydrosphere injured by climate change impact the development of new curricula for the design studio? Given the anticipation of major destabilizations to our hydrological cycles, it is vital to question whether the conventions of design practice as well as teaching still hold water? As the development of established disciplinary and practice standards in architecture have been informed by the presumption of a stabilized Holocene, when formulating new design courses, could the design fields acclimatize to a new set of contexts and practices? This paper will elaborate on this by reflecting on an ongoing series of design studios that we have initiated..

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