Journal article

Outcomes of tympanoplasty in a low resource setting: Our experience in 429 ears in Cambodia

Patrick Bowers, Carolina Watters, Touch Sokdavy, Kelley Graydon, Chris Waterworth, Mahmood F Bhutta



Tympanoplasty outcomes are well established in high income nations, but less reported in low-middle income countries (LMICs). LMICs see a higher prevalence of chronic suppurative otitis media, with anecdotal evidence of greater disease severity at presentation. Here we find that tympanoplasty performed by local surgeons in the LMIC of Cambodia has 85.8% successful closure, which is comparable to other settings. For audiological outcomes, there was a mean reduction in the air-bone gap of 15.8dB, and improvement in the air-conduction average in 85.5% of participants. We find no evidence that tympanoplasty outcomes in LMICs should differ from those in other settings.