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The impact of coronary heart disease prevention on work productivity: a 10-year analysis.

Feby Savira, Bing H Wang, Andrew R Kompa, Zanfina Ademi, Alice J Owen, Danny Liew, Ella Zomer

Eur J Prev Cardiol | Published : 2021


AIMS: To determine the impact of preventing new (incident) cases of coronary heart disease (CHD) on years of life and productivity, using the novel measure 'productivity-adjusted life year' (PALY), over the next 10 years. METHODS AND RESULTS: A dynamic life table model was constructed for the total Australian working-age population (15-69 years) over 10 years (2020-2029), separated by CHD status. Productivity estimates were sourced from the literature. The PALY was ascribed a financial value in terms of gross domestic product (GDP) per equivalent full-time worker. The total number of years lived, PALYs, and economic burden (in terms of GDP per PALY) were estimated. The model simulation was r..

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