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Delivery and Toxicity of Fludarabine-Based Combination Chemotherapy Regimens in Older Patients.

Mark N Polizzotto, Constantine S Tam, Henry Januszewicz, Miles Prince, Max Wolf, John F Seymour

Blood | American Society of Hematology | Published : 2005


Abstract Fludarabine (F)-based combination chemotherapy regimens are highly effective in a range of indolent lymphoproliferative disorders. Despite the prevalence of such disorders in older patients, the deliverability of these regimes in patients aged >= 60 has not been assessed. We analysed the delivery and toxicity of three F-based regimens, all using F 25 mg/m2/dx3 q28d, in 82 adults aged >= 60 years, and compared this with the same regimens in 99 adults aged < 60. The sample comprised 66 patients (32 >= 60) treated with F and cyclophosphamide (C; 250 mg/m2/dx3); 29 with F and mitoxantrone (M; 10 mg/m2 x1; 12 >= 60); and 86 with FC and rituximab (R; 375 mg/m..

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