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CD20 Antigen Expression Is Increased in Trisomy 12 CLL as Compared to Other Cytogenetic Subtypes.

Constantine S Tam, Joselle Otero-Palacios, Susan Lerner, Lynne V Abruzzo, Jeffrey L Jorgensen, Alessandra Ferrajoli, William G Wierda, Susan O’Brien, Michael J Keating

Blood | American Society of Hematology | Published : 2006


Abstract CD20, a B-cell specific 297-amino acid transmembrane phosphoprotein and the target of the monoclonal antibody rituximab, is expressed at lower levels in malignant cells from patients with CLL as compared to other indolent B-cell malignancies. Anecdotal observations have suggested that CLL patients with trisomy 12 may have higher cell-surface CD20 expression than other cytogenetic subtypes. In order to test this hypothesis, we analyzed bone marrow (n=454) and peripheral blood (n=56) samples from 510 chemotherapy-naïve patients using a Vysis FISH panel and a flow cytometric quantitative CD20 antigen assay. FISH studies identified 99 patients (19%) with trisomy 12. Comp..

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