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Vagus nerve stimulation to treat inflammatory bowel disease: a chronic, preclinical safety study in sheep

Sophie C Payne, Owen Burns, Martin Stebbing, Ross Thomas, Angel de Silva, Alicia Sedo, Frank Weissenborn, Tomoko Hyakumura, Mario Huynh, Clive N May, Richard A Williams, John B Furness, James B Fallon, Robert K Shepherd

Bioelectronics in Medicine | Future Medicine Ltd | Published : 2018


Aim: Electrical stimulation of the left cervical vagus nerve is a feasible therapy for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). However, due to the location of the electrode placement, stimulation is often associated with side effects. Methods: We developed a cuff electrode array, designed to be implanted onto the vagus nerve of the lower thorax or abdomen, below branches to vital organs, to minimize off-target effects to stimulation. Results: Following chronic implantation and electrical stimulation, electrodes remained functional and neural thresholds stable, while there were minimal off-target affects to stimulation. No nerve damage or corrosion of stimulated electrodes was observed. Conclusion:..

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