Thesis / Dissertation

Unravelling the epigenetic modifier Smchd1

Chamila Iromi Wanigasuriya, Marnie Blewitt (ed.)

Published : 2020


Structural maintenance of chromosomes flexible hinge domain containing 1 (Smchd1) is an epigenetic modifier that plays an important role in X chromosome inactivation, autosomal gene silencing, and is also implicated in several diseases in humans (Blewitt et al., 2008, Mould et al., 2013, Gendrel et al., 2013, Lemmers et al., 2012, Gordon et al., 2017, Shaw et al., 2017, Jansz et al., 2018). Thus far the majority of work on Smchd1 has been carried out on its zygotic form. Therefore, I partnered allele-specific genomics with conditional deletion of Smchd1 in the oocyte to test the role of maternally derived Smchd1 in imprinted gene expression. I found that Smchd1 is a novel maternal effect gen..

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