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PAnnexin-1 channel regulates nuclear content packaging into apoptotic bodies and their size.

Thanh Kha Phan, Pamali Fonseka, Rochelle Tixeira, Mohashin Pathan, Ching-Seng Ang, Dilara Ceyda Ozkocak, Suresh Mathivanan, Ivan Ka Ho Poon

Proteomics | Published : 2021


Apoptotic bodies (ApoBDs), which are large extracullular vesicles exclusively released by apoptotic cells, possess therapeutically exploitable properties including biomolecule loadability and transferability. However, current limited understanding of ApoBD biology has hindered its exploration for clinical use. Particularly, as ApoBD-accompanying cargoes (e.g., nucleic acids and proteins) have major influence on their functionality, further insights into the mechanism of biomolecule sorting into ApoBDs are critical to unleash their therapeutic potential. Previous studies suggested pannexin 1 (PANX1) channel, a negative regulator of ApoBD biogenesis, can modify synaptic vesicle contents. We al..

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