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Determinants of serum levels of retinol, β-carotene and α-tocopherol in men and women born in Australia, Greece and Italy.

P Ireland, D Jolley, G Giles, J Powles, K O'Dea, J Hopper, J Williams, I Rutishauser

Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition | Published : 1994


Serum retinol, β-carotene and α-tocopherol levels were measured in a volunteer sample of 764 Australian-, Greek- and Italian-born adult residents of Melbourne, Australia. There was no difference among the ethnic groups in mean levels of serum retinol or α-tocopherol. Mean β-carotene levels were between 11 and 22% higher for Australian-born subjects. Serum β-carotene was higher in females, retinol was higher in males. The serum levels of retinol, β-carotene and α-tocopherol were significantly positively associated with serum cholesterol. Serum triglyceride was positively associated with serum retinol and α-tocopherol but negatively associated with serum -β-carotene. A positive association wit..

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