Book Chapter

Neuropsychiatry of neurometabolic, neuroendocrine, and mitochondrial disorders

Mark Walterfang, Ramon Mocellin, Dennis Velakoulis

Oxford Textbook of Neuropsychiatry | Oxford University Press | Published : 2020


This chapter examines the role of neurometabolic, neuroendocrine, and mitochondrial disorders in causing neuropsychiatric syndromes. It examines how disorders of cellular metabolic processes, particularly those that affect the brain, can result in major psychiatric syndromes and the over-representation of some neurometabolic disorders in psychiatric illness. It also discusses a range of endocrine disorders, particularly disorders of increased or reduced endocrine function and endocrine tumours, in producing psychiatric syndromes. The chapter also reviews the role of mitochondrial disorders in disrupting central nervous system processes and metabolism, and how some mitochondrial disorders res..

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