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The Mysterious Island: Insula and Its Dual Function in Sleep and Wakefulness

Ekaterina V Levichkina, Irina I Busygina, Marina L Pigareva, Ivan N Pigarev

Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience | FRONTIERS MEDIA SA | Published : 2021


In the recent sleep studies, it was shown that afferentation of many cortical areas switches during sleep to the interoceptive one. However, it was unclear whether the insular cortex, which is often considered as the main cortical visceral representation, maintains the same effective connectivity in both states of vigilance, or processes interoceptive information predominantly in one state. We investigated neuronal responses of the cat insular cortex to electrical stimulations of the intestinal wall delivered during wakefulness and natural sleep. Marked increase was observed in the number of insular neurons responding to this stimulation in sleep comparing to wakefulness, and enlarged amplit..

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Awarded by Russian Foundation for Basic Research

Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research grant nos. 19-04-00215 and 20-013-00176.