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Low frequency wave resonance in fringing reef environments

AWM Pomeroy, A Van Dongeren, RJ Lowe, JSM Van Thiel De Vries, J Roelvink

Coastal Engineering Proceedings | Published : 2012


Low frequency wave resonance has been postulated to enhance damage to coral reef protected coastlines during storm events. This paper uses the numerical model XBeach to examine the dynamics that contribute to resonance that have been previously observed on a fringing reef on Guam during tropical storm Man-Yi (Péquignet et al., 2009). The methods to identify resonance in numerical (or field data) are comprehensively reviewed with three indicators of resonance proposed based upon data obtained at two locations in the model domain: 1. The water surface elevation must be highly coherent, 2. The phase difference must (closely) correspond to 0° or 180°, and 3. Amplification of the signal must be o..

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