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Three-dimensional ultrastructure of giant mitochondria in human non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Gerald J Shami, Delfine Cheng, Pauline Verhaegh, Ger Koek, Eddie Wisse, Filip Braet

Scientific Reports | Published : 2021


Giant mitochondria are peculiarly shaped, extremely large mitochondria in hepatic parenchymal cells, the internal structure of which is characterised by atypically arranged cristae, enlarged matrix granules and crystalline inclusions. The presence of giant mitochondria in human tissue biopsies is often linked with cellular adversity, caused by toxins such as alcohol, xenobiotics, anti-cancer drugs, free-radicals, nutritional deficiencies or as a consequence of high fat Western diets. To date, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is the most prevalent liver disease in lipid dysmetabolism, in which mitochondrial dysfunction plays a crucial role. It is not well understood whether the morphologic c..

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