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Adverse Outcomes Associated With Higher Mean Blood Pressure and Greater Blood Pressure Variability Immediately After Successful Embolectomy in Those With Acute Ischemic Stroke, and the Influence of Pretreatment Collateral Circulation Status.

Dacheng Liu, Ximing Nie, Yuesong Pan, Hongyi Yan, Yuehua Pu, Yufei Wei, Yuan Cai, Yarong Ding, Qixuan Lu, Zhe Zhang, Weibin Gu, Xinyi Hou, Zhonghua Yang, Miao Wen, Penglian Wang, Gaoting Ma, Ning Ma, Zhongrong Miao, Xinyi Leng, Bernard Yan Show all

Journal of the American Heart Association | Published : 2021


Background To investigate whether collateral status could modify the associations between post-thrombectomy blood pressure (BP) measures and outcomes. Methods and Results Patients with anterior-circulation large-vessel-occlusion successfully recanalized in a multicenter endovascular thrombectomy registry were enrolled. Pretreatment collateral status was graded and dichotomized (good/poor) in angiography. Maximum, minimum, and mean systolic BP (SBP) and BP variability (assessed by the SD, coefficient of variation) during the initial 24 hours after endovascular thrombectomy were obtained. The primary outcome was unfavorable 90-day outcome (modified Rankin Scale score 3-6). Secondary outcomes i..

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