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Gut microbiota shape the inflammatory response in mice with an epithelial defect.

Ran Wang, Md Moniruzzaman, Kuan Yau Wong, Percival Wiid, Alexa Harding, Rabina Giri, Wendy Hui Tong, Jackie Creagh, Jakob Begun, Michael A McGuckin, Sumaira Z Hasnain

Gut Microbes | Published : 2021


Intestinal epithelial cell endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress has been implicated in intestinal inflammation. It remains unclear whether ER stress is an initiator of or a response to inflammation. Winnie mice, carrying a Muc2 gene mutation resulting in intestinal goblet cell ER stress, develop spontaneous colitis with a depleted mucus barrier and increased bacterial translocation. This study aims to determine whether the microbiota was required for the development of Winnie colitis, and whether protein misfolding itself can initiate inflammation directly in absence of the microbiota. To assess the role of microbiota in driving Winnie colitis, WT and Winnie mice on the same background were red..

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